About Willy

From the moment Willy and I met there was a special bond. I guess you could say it was love at first sight.


Willy is an English Jack Russell Terrier – the short legged breed. He is registered with EJRTCA. His registered name is Cimarron Jacks Willy the Kid. He was born March 7, 2016 in Oklahoma. Willy is a stud muffin, that’s for sure. He is also the sweetest, most loving little dog I have ever owned. He oozes personality and is always ready for a belly rub! Willy has ultra short legs, stout body and magnificent bone structure. EVERYTHING people look for in an English Jack Russell Terrier, including a fantastic pedigree from some of the most respected bloodlines of the breed. But Willy doesn’t seem to care about that. He is just a country boy at heart.