Just Another Day on the Ranch

Willy Loved to go check the waters and put out salt with us.

Living on a ranch definitely has its advantages. It is a great life for dogs. Willy, always ready for adventure, was overjoyed to get in the ranch truck and help us out. On this particular day we were checking to make sure the water supplies were full and the cattle had salt blocks to lick.

Willy started out clean, but he didn’t end up that way. Boys will be boys, they say. I guess it rings true for dogs as well.

We let Willy and his pal Rusty go swimming. They had a blast swimming, chasing sticks, chasing butterflies, and running in the mud!


Life is too short, sometimes you just have to get good and dirty.  Why not? It washes off. Until next time, Happy Trails!






Willy Goes on a Date!

Willy went on his very first date!

He is growing up so fast! He used all his very best manners. He got some roses and dressed up in his Bow Tie. Then he got his courage up to ask Miss Jessica out on a romantic date.

Jessica LOVED the roses. After all, what girl doesn’t love to get roses?

Jessi just couldn’t resist Willy’s charm. It was a special moment, definitely photo worthy. Who knew my Willy could be so suave and debonair?

It was a bittersweet moment for me. My Willy is all grown up! I am so proud of the dog he has become.  Such a handsome young fella! I have a feeling he is going to be quite the “Ladies’ Man”.


Here Comes Willy Cottontail

Hippity Hopping down the Bunny Trail.

Willy was excited to play the Easter Bunny for Rusty and Sadie this year. Of course we had to do a photo shoot first – well, because he looked so darn cute in his bunny ears!

He is such a good sport about these photo shoots. In fact, he is always joking around for the camera.

I sometimes call him Silly Willy. At one point in the photo shoot he had to stop and check if the eggs were real or not.

He was thrilled when I finally told him it was time to hide the eggs.

He scoped out the yard looking for all the best hiding spots.

First, he hid an egg in the tulips. That was when he decided it would be faster without the ears.

So off to work he went hiding the rest of the eggs!

He thought he was very clever hiding an egg by the bunny statue.

Now it was finally time for Rusty and Sadie to go hunt the Easter eggs! Willy was so excited!

Willy counted the eggs to make sure they found them all. What a fun day! Happy Easter from Willy and the Gang. My family and I will be celebrating the true reason for the holiday, but we just might hunt some eggs as well!



Willy’s Texas Adventure 

Living life on the edge!

Willy and I went to Texas a couple of weeks ago. It was a short trip but we did manage to visit the Amistad National Recreational Area, which includes Amistad Reservoir and the Pecos River.

We hiked to some cliffs that overlooked the Amistad Reservoir. The views there were breath-taking. In my case, with my fear of heights, quite literally breath-taking. Willy, on the other hand, thought being on the edge was great fun! I refused to let him get close enough to peer over the edge, even though he wanted to. Willy felt larger than life standing up there on those cliffs.

After enjoying the view from the cliffs, we decided to go check out the water and some boats at the marina. It was a hot day and Willy enjoyed the cool water.

After Willy cooled off, we hit the road again. This time we stopped at a scenic overview that overlooked the Pecos River. Willy had a great vantage point to look down at the River below. We even saw a lone kayaker paddling up River, far below our vantage point.

We had a great time and can’t wait until our next adventure!