Willy’s Texas Adventure 

Living life on the edge!

Willy and I went to Texas a couple of weeks ago. It was a short trip but we did manage to visit the Amistad National Recreational Area, which includes Amistad Reservoir and the Pecos River.

We hiked to some cliffs that overlooked the Amistad Reservoir. The views there were breath-taking. In my case, with my fear of heights, quite literally breath-taking. Willy, on the other hand, thought being on the edge was great fun! I refused to let him get close enough to peer over the edge, even though he wanted to. Willy felt larger than life standing up there on those cliffs.

After enjoying the view from the cliffs, we decided to go check out the water and some boats at the marina. It was a hot day and Willy enjoyed the cool water.

After Willy cooled off, we hit the road again. This time we stopped at a scenic overview that overlooked the Pecos River. Willy had a great vantage point to look down at the River below. We even saw a lone kayaker paddling up River, far below our vantage point.

We had a great time and can’t wait until our next adventure!

Hello world!

Willy the Kid JRT

Hello world! My name is Kelly Goswick and I would like to introduce you to an amazing, loving, good-natured, tender hearted little dog – Willy the Kid. Willy is a registered English Jack Russell Terrier, or Shorty Jack as they are often called. From the moment Willy and I met we had a special connection. I knew at that moment that the world needs to know my Willy. I decided that Willy needed to be a dog with a blog of his own. Although I have been blogging about Willy’s adventures for several months, I decided to move the blog to WordPress. So, here we are, introducing ourselves and starting over. Willy and I are excited to share our journey together through this thing called life with all of you. If you enjoy blogs with short, fun narratives and dog photos sit back and enjoy the adventure!