First Time Daddy

It’s Quintuplets!

It’s official! Willy is a daddy. Miss Jessica gave birth to five healthy puppies May 26, 2017.

The day BEFORE the big day, our special order cookies arrived to celebrate the occasion. My niece makes the cookies, and they are DELISH, and hand decorates each one.  Then she packages them up beautifully. Let me just say that these cookies didn’t last very long here in the Goswick house!

Willy and Jessica each got to have a bite of cookie after the photo shoot.

The following day, Jessica went into labor and gave birth to five healthy, beautiful puppies – three boys and two girls. Two pups are tri-color like Jessica, two are black and white like Willy’s momma and grandma, and one special little fella is brown and white like Willy.

We had a big celebration here at the Goswick house, complete with cigars (fake of course!) Willy wasn’t all that impressed with the cigar.

Willy is very curious about these squirmy little balls of fur that make all kinds of fascinating noises. When Willy’s kiddos get a little bigger, Willy will meet them face to face. Until then, he gets to peek at them from a distance.

8 thoughts on “First Time Daddy”

  1. Congratulations! Puppies are so cute. Mini loves new born puppies! Whenever I play a recording of our previous pups on the computer, Mini will hear their whimpering and start looking for them! 🙂 Tell your niece she did a good job on the cookies, they look great!

  2. Congratulations Willy and Jessica ! You have beautiful and lovely baby’s.
    Big hug and kiss.
    O, and the cookies looked fantastic.
    Greetings from Elewijt, Belgium.

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