Farewell but not Goodbye

Willy and I have been doing some serious thinking and talking and thinking some more. We always said that if this blog ever got to be a job instead of a joy that we would step back and re-evaluate. Well, we have decided that it is time to say goodbye to Giddy Up Doggy the blog. Instead, we are going to focus on Giddy Up Doggy on Instagram and Facebook. We feel that we can be our random selves on those venues without having to plan out posts and schedule time for photo shoots. Instead, we can be crazy and random and forever the social butterflies that we are without the stress. Don’t worry, there will still be the adorable costumes from time to time as well as the trips and adventures. So if you don’t already, please look Willy up and follow him on Instagram and Facebook as Giddy Up Doggy.

Much love,

Willy the Kid and Kelly Goswick